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  Sick56 / Higgins++ - New Day New Enemy
By Repeatfanzine - Webzine submitted

New Day New Enemy ep (JSNTGM Records) Some of you may know that I now have a lovely Repeat office; well actually it’s my front room where Sarah Alcopop used to live (sniff!). Along with a DVD and CD player, it’s got all our releases crammed into it, along with shelves of back issues, the reviews box brimming with dross and gold and a wall plastered in a massive, messy collage of posters, fliers and record sleeves featuring the high and low lights of our history. One thing it lacks, however, is a turntable, so to hear this release I had to climb the wooden hill all the way up to my bedroom, wind up my gramophone, wait 20 mins and then CRASH! there I was in punk rock Heaven! Two bands are feature on this banana splits coloured vinyl, Sick 65 and Higgins++. Both play melodic, adrenaline infused, energy pumping, intelligent and angry punk rock. This makes them both, in my view, fuckin marvellous! I prefer the Higgins++ tracks, mainly as the lyrics are less obvious and backward looking, and delivered in less of the traditional Oi style; in fact the vocalist from Higgins++ seems to be auditioning for the John Cooper Clarke of the our times. Great idea indeed! JSNTGM are a small label with a big mission – to Just Say No To Government Music – and a quick look at their website will show that they have the bands equal to the task. If you’re into punk that wants to ‘vomit its disgust for consumerism in the streets’, then you really should get in touch. or PO Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 0FA.

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