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  Antisect - In Darkness There Is No Choice {Southern}
By Scannerzine (22.08.10) submitted

Originally released back in 1983, the sole ANTISECT album remains one of the most biting, visceral, radical and frighteningly powerful albums to come out of UK Punk. While intrinsically linked with the Anarcho-Punk movement, ANTISECT offered more than just the political anger of the scene. Riffs looped forming a hypnotic, almost pre-Industrial raw, bilious sound with vocals that alternate between growled diatribes and sedate, spoken word interludes. The whole mood of the album is very dark, confrontational and uncompromising as the excellent, thoughtful lyrics attack such issues as the threat of war, individualism, oppression and animal abuse. The booklet includes the full lyrics and text that came with the original album. The negative is that the disc collates all the tracks that appeared on each side of the album into a single track, so it appears the disc has only two tracks. Sure, they all bleed into the next, but it is a little annoying - especially for those who don´t own a copy of the original vinyl. Definitely an album that can sit next to CRASS or TRAGEDY, and one that literally defines the Crust Punk genre which it, over any other band, inspired.

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