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  THE FITS - battle of the bands..jenks bar
By unknown submitted

Rox Issue 11.. Battle of the Bands... Jenks Bar Well, here we are at last. Jenks bar on a less than warm Thursday evening in January. Tonight we are about t o witness a showcase of local talent, all raring to go in the rock battle of the century. Hem, hem... I arrived late to be met by a lot of famous (uh?) not so famous infamous and cynical people, who were all part of the largest audience I´ve ever seen at Jenks. Several stood thinking, furrowed brows undergoing great heights of furrow ability (Uh?) At last the local philosophers and spokesmen for our generation have an opportunity to unite I n their oynicism...mutter, mutter. Because of my tarde arrival I´d practically missed the entire set by Thruaglass Darkly. Luckily for me they arent my scene maaaan. They attempt to combine ´their own brand of rock music´ with their beliefs in the Christian religion. Labeled as bible bashers and Jesus freaks they remind me of Fleetwood Mac. Musically I found them dull, lyrically I couldnt make out the words ( though I didnt try to hard ) hem, hem this is getting boring.. If I carry on like tis , this fanzine (if you were hip you´d call it a journal-ed) would lose its way out and wacky appeal: Next on were One way system. At last, some good old family entertainment ( sort of) Ye traditional oi!!! skinned punk band. Obviously influenced by the upstarts etc., I found them very enjoyable ( I know you think i´m biased). Unlike many punk bands nowadays they clearly use tunes, changes in tempo, etc. to produce some good stuff. Best song is 1980, though Jerusalem went down well too. I cant remember who was on next, but i´ll muck through ( by eck, lad). Zanti Misfitz came on and zapped through some old faves; ´ Junk food and faster amongst others. It may be a sort of throw away pop´ to quote a cliche, but the tunes bounce around your head for a while. Later I discovered they werent too pleased with the mic, but it sounded ok to me. The ldeal types came on to great applause from two of their mates. The lead singer, though obviously influence by Jim Morrison( of the doors and not the Ken turner set) was probably prat of the night . He appeared on the verge of an orgasm for the entire set. Between songs he mumbled erotically ( what a joke) with eyes half closed about the next... number hey... like maaan. The rhythm guitarist wore a flat cap and at a glance set of rock and roll numbers (phewee! Blah blah blah. The fits, the moment half the audience were waiting for. It seem ironic somehow, if they had desperate Dan hair cuts the hip thinking young mne a punk bank band , and the bondage army would not. In reality they look like a punk band, and so the the reverse occurs. Tonight Crudgies was on form, spitting out words and moving to that groovy (I mean groovy, maan0 beat. Its a pity the rest of the band dont come across as powerfully as uncle Micheal. Little Kev looked like he meant it and beat hell out of the drums. The Fits have the images to carry them through. Their songs are powerful, but more tunes wouldnt go a miss . Even so they received the best reception of the night. Hollywood werent he last band to appear. “ his band are obviously a cabaret band. With all the glitter and professionalism youd expect. I bet they even rehearsed the comments and funnies between songs. The singer ( who Zanti misfits thought was Bob Greaves; is a teacher at my school. As a teacher he´s a real cool meatball, but how did he get get mixed up in this. They were with capital C. All round family appeal, theyre a combination of half a gasp and half of the cabaret, oops I mean Leisure Addicts. As I´ve seen both Gasp and the Leisure Addicts before, and found both bands nauseating and awful, I suppose I couldnt expect much more...Gasp + Leisure Addicts = UGHGHGHGH!! When they´d finished my only thoughts were if they win I´ll be sick´. So guess who won....yes, yours truly. Final results were... 1st ...Hollywood 2nd ...Thruaglass Darkly 3rd ...The fits I wasnt sick though! I suppose the fits placing offers some hope, but the general feeling was AAAAAAGHGHGH!!!! Nevertheless, it did prove to the club owners that there really is a demand for live music in the town is someone will get off his arse and do something about it. In the past the Blackpool audience have been labeled ´apathetic´, but what can you expect; in the past bands have been known to come on at about 11 o´clock, having been proceeded by a poring D.J. Everyone´s asking when the bands are on and are getting impatient, A little more co-operation between members of the band, the club manager and even the D.J is needed, instead of leaving everything to the band.

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